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Wooden watches, bow ties, sunglasses – Wooden gift idea


It is not always easy to buy a gift for anyone and anytime. It depends on people and where to buy from! This blog will help you to buy unique wooden gift products.  Our products are completely natural and different varieties of wood such as maple wood, sandalwood and curly birch. Recently, wooden gift ideas are great gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays and of course for valentine’s day!

The main reasons of this popularity are products are be durable, sustainable, aesthetic appearance and easily adjustable links. Wooden watches and wooden sunglasses may not take the first place in the gift option to buy, but they are always present with the gift option because people who love wooden is increasing day by day.



It is not only a wooden watch and wooden sunglasses to buy wooden products, when we mention about wooden gift ideas.  The bottom line is there are many varieties wooden products, so you can buy at least one of them for your lover, family or brother. I am pretty sure they will love it. Wooden gift options are both natural and useful, which is great advantage for children and the family. I know that the concern of families is that gifts are not made from harmful substances and only natural products. Therefore, you can use your healthy wooden gift products for a gift for your friends and family. Even, you can also recommend these gift ideas for anyone.


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10 interesting facts about bow ties


10 interesting facts about bow ties

  1. Many believe that their first use was during the Prussian wars when Croatian mercenaries used them to tie their shirt collars shut. Source: Wall Street Journal
  2. Less fabric is used to make them (37 inches) in comparison to traditional ties (57 inches). Source: Bloomberg
  3. Retired US Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens wears them since he cannot tie four-in-hand knots. Source: Washington Post
  4. Perfect alignment is not expected — nor preferred. This neckwear is suppose to look somewhat floppy or off-kilter. Source: GQ
  5. It has been since the 1870s since the last major change in shape. Source: Wall Street Jornal
  6. They are used in many corporate identities. The beer company Budweiser introduced a bow tie shaped can in 2013 as a tribute to its logo dating back to 1956. Chevrolet cofounder William C. Durant introduced the company’s bow tie logo; however, there are many theories of its origin. Playboy Enterprises, Pringles, and Kentucky Fried Chicken are other major companies that incorporate them into their logos. Sources: BudweiserChevrolet, and Wikipedia
  7. In 2007, Iran banned wearing them (along with traditional ties) in the province of Gilan. Source: NCRI – National Council of Resistance of Iran
  8. Popcorn businessman Orville Redenbacher was a devotee. Source: Biography Channel
  9. Over the last few years sales have increased dramatically — increasing from 4% of the 2012 US neck wear market to 7% in 2013. Source: Bloomberg
  10. The origin of the French term “cravat” goes back to when aristocracy started wearing the Croatians’ neckwear (see fact #1). Source: Wall Street Journal
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